Our School Story

School Context – who are we?

J.N. Burnett Secondary School is a comprehensive and inclusive grade 8-12 secondary school located on the west side of Richmond. Our school is rich in tradition and a well established part of the community. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion, and are committed to making our school the best possible place for each and every student to learn and succeed. We are a semestered school offering two semesters with four courses per semester annually. We offer a partial linear timetable to our incoming Grade 8's to enhance their connectedness to Burnett. We offer a varied and rich selection of semestered courses for our Grade 9-12's including some AP courses. 

There are many extra-curricular activities in which students may get involved. During lunch, many students enjoy participating in various activities in our gym or special events sponsored by the Student Council. Students may also choose to participate in the many teams provided by our successful athletic program or join any one of 27 clubs available. In addition, there are tennis courts adjacent to the school, several outdoor basketball courts, a lacrosse box, and a very well-equipped fitness centre. We also provide other off campus programs such as student exchanges with Japanese schools, skiing, snowboarding and outdoor education.

We feel strongly that education is a cooperative endeavour involving both home and school. At J. N. Burnett we encourage and welcome parental involvement. We have an active Parent Advisory Council. We strongly believe that ongoing communication between parents/guardians and the school is beneficial to all. Parents may call the school any time to arrange a parent-teacher conference beyond those which are regularly scheduled. Also, monthly newsletters and reminders are sent home to keep parents up to date on school activities. A formal learning summary is sent home in mid-November, mid-February, the end of April and the end of June. In addition, interim reports are sent out at least twice per year and whenever necessary. Phone, email or web-conference contact between staff & parents is encouraged.

Our physical plant is very open and spacious and lends itself well to promote the sense of community that we strive for. We have well-designed, comfortable classrooms, numerous computer labs, two gyms, a theatre, and a well-equipped library/learning commons.  A large multipurpose area opens up to a spacious outdoor courtyard and outdoor learning space. This inviting environment adds to our belief that J. N. Burnett is a great place to learn and lead!

Who attends our school?

Burnett  has approximately 940 students registered in Grades 8-12; including approximately 90 from the Richmond International Education Program. The school has an amazing and diverse population of students with many different strengths, talents, and experiences. Each and every member of our learning community enriches our sense of community, belonging, and opportunities to learn together. For 65% of our students, English is not the first language spoken at home. Approximately 10 percent of our students are identified as having diverse needs, involving all categories defined by the Ministry of Education, including gifted students. There are 3 administrators, 55 teachers, 7 educational assistants, 4 clerical staff, 3 lunch hour supervisors, a library technician, a lab technician, a career advisor and 5 custodians.

Our Commitment 

At J.N. Burnett we provide an enriching environment that respects, values, and celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion, promotes individual goal setting and growth, and prepares the learner to be a well-rounded and responsible member of the larger community.

Our school’s strengths include: enhancing student learning and skill development through curricular competency knowledge and understanding,  encouraging students to be compassionate and responsible citizens, promoting student voice and incorporating their views into our planning, welcoming new students to our school by providing acceptance, support and opportunity for all learners, and developing students’ core-competency skills as outlined in British Columbia's Redesigned Curriculum at https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/