Burnett Learning Time

Burnett Learning Time (BLT) begins on Tuesday, September 20 and we wanted to make sure you have all the information needed to sign up for a learning space and use Burnett Learning Time to your advantage.  Providing BLT in the school week creates additional opportunities for students to engage in learning that is meaningful to them, collaborate with others, seek additional learning support, develop personal organizational skills, pursue their passions, extend their learning, and reflect and set goals for future learning and personal well-being.  BLT is valued in our community and is instructional time that further develops and supports learners' abilities to exercise choice and independence on their journey to becoming a contributing member of our society.

Please review the attached documents to learn more about BLT and how to sign up.

1. 2022-2023 Burnett Learning Time Student and Parent Information

- This document will explain timing of BLT along with further information about guiding principles, options for students, and frequently asked questions. 

2. 2022-2023 Student Planning Guide for BLT

- This document is a student guide to BLT and will explain suggestions for organizing learning plans, setting priorities, and making a game plan. This is a helpful tool to plan for best use of BLT.

3. 2022-2023 Student sign up instructions

- This document explains how to sign into and navigate the BLT management system. This system can be accessed at 

- Students should login to change their password and sign up for a learning space on Tuesday.  All of the teachers who appear as an option on the BLT management system are available on those specific dates.

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Updated: Thursday, September 15, 2022