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We are pleased to announce that students will be able to use school lockers this year!
Locker selection and sign up begins next week:

  • Monday, September 13 – grade 11 & 12 students
  • Tuesday, September 14 – grade 9 & 10 students
  • Wednesday, September 15 – grade 8 students

Students are able to select any open locker and use it for the school year.

Instructions for registering your locker combination and locker number are attached.

After selecting and placing your lock on a locker, you must immediately register your locker and combination.
Failure to register your locker by the end of the day that you put your lock on it may result in your lock being removed.
The school is not responsible for the replacement of your lock if this occurs.

Please see Mrs. Collins in the office if you have any questions.

Please remember that lockers are the property of the school and, should it be necessary at any point in the year, school officials may search student lockers at any time, without prior notice in order to ensure compliance with the conditions of use and other school policies and rules. If it is deemed necessary to access your locker and you have not registered your locker with the correct combination, your lock will be removed. The school is not responsible for the replacement or cost of the lock.

The link to selecting your locker is below: