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Jun 20, 2024 Daily Announcement


  1. It’s locker clean-out time! Please make sure you empty your locker and remove the lock before June 21st. Any locks left will be removed, and locker contents will be disposed of after that date.
  2. Would you like to earn volunteer hours over the summer? Are you excited about mentoring incoming Grade 8 students? You can apply to volunteer for the JNB summer connections program. Please scan the QR code on the poster outside of counselling office to apply.
  3. The student v.s. teacher trivia challenge will be held at Carnival! Both teams will be taking turns to answer various Trivia questions. The team with the least points will get a bucket of water over the head. The sign-up link is on STUCO's instagram bio!
  4. Hey breakers! If you missed out on the bubble tea sale from the Project Serve Club, it’s not too late yet! This Friday, they are selling croissants from Little Fox Bakery during lunch time at the cafeteria. Go get some and share with your friends.
  5. Is this... an ILLUSION?? JNB Dance club is having DAY 2 of their annual dance showcase TODAY! Come watch some NEXT LEVEL performances during lunch at the BIG GYM! The setlist is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, you do not want to miss these new dances!!

Have a great day Breakers!


Updated: Thursday, June 20, 2024