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Graduation Status Update - Grade 10-12

New this year, schools will be publishing a Graduation Status Update at the same time as Summary Of Learning Updates.  These are new reports that are published directly to the MyEducation BC Portal.  Please login to your portal to view this report and your child's status for graduation.  This is a new report so please connect with the Burnett Secondary School Office if you have any questions or concerns and we can help direct your call. 

Why a Graduation Status Update: Status Update?

Do you know what courses your child needs in order to graduate? The graduation status update clearly states which graduation path your child is on and gives you information about that pathway. When your child is in Grades 10-12, they will receive a graduation status update in their report card at the end of each semester. The graduation status update provides a snapshot of your child’s progress in completing the courses and assessments they need for graduation. It will show you which courses and assessments have been completed, which courses your child is currently enrolled in, and what still needs to be done in order for them to graduate. The graduation status update will also help your child with course selection. It makes sure everyone is aware of any problems with graduation before it’s too late.

Did you know there are a few different ways to graduate in BC? Different graduation pathways have different course requirements. There are also different provincial assessments students will need to take.

See the attachment for more information. 


Updated: Thursday, June 27, 2024