School Photos - September 27

Burnett’s school photo day is Tuesday, September 27th. Photo’s are taken by Artona.

It is important that ALL students have their school photo taken. Whether a photo package is ordered or not, this photo is used to generate a School ID card which can be used as official photo identification for signing materials out from the school library, gaining access to school events, and proving student identity at provincial assessments throughout the year. Your photo is also used in the school yearbook. As well, the Student ID card confirms your eligibility for student fares (transit) and discounts at participating retailers. 

Your photo is used for your school ID card which is considered an official piece of identification. The photographers will not photograph students not appropriately attired or with hats on. No face painting is allowed. Photographers will not re-take student ID photos if you have made a poor choice.

Please check out Artona’s website for specific details regarding timelines for selecting the photo you’d like for your ID card and yearbook, ordering photos, and information regarding safety protocols used for photographing students.

Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2022