Our Learning & Actions for 2018-19

What will we do to enhance our students’ learning?

We will:

  • continue our work with our core competencies reflection strategies.
  • share strategies at staff meeting and Professional Development Days.
  • continue our discussions about our delivery model of Career Life Education and Career Life Connections.
  • continue lessons on mindfulness, growth mindset, perseverance, and grit during our Burnett Conference Days.
  • support each student and specific groups of students, including Aboriginal students, children in care, and students with special needs.


Our Evidence for 2018-19

How are we going to gather evidence of student learning related to our focus?

  • Continue with our Student Focus Groups.
  • Gather feedback from all students after our Burnett Conference Days.
  • Collect anecdotal reports from staff, students, and PAC.
  • Collect photo and video evidence shared by staff and students.