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2021 Scholarship Applications

Attention to All Graduating Students:

There are thousands of dollars of school-based or district scholarships available to Burnett grads every year.  The recipients of these scholarships will be announced at this year’s Valedictory Ceremony on Thursday, June 24th.  Any grade 12 student who would like to be considered for these scholarships must complete and submit the Online Scholarship Application Form by Thursday, April 8, 2021.   

Included in this Online Scholarship Application Form is a section to apply for District/Authority Scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded to students who have exhibited an area of interest or strength outside the academic subjects.  Many candidates will be teacher nominated, however if you feel you are a candidate for one of these scholarships because of your involvement in the community, please see a staff member to be nominated.  (Please know that consideration is first given to students who will continue to study these subject areas in post-secondary institutions.)     

All applicants for the District/Authority Scholarships are required to complete the Evidence of Achievement box in the District/Authority Scholarship Application section on the Online Scholarship Application Form. 

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Mrs. Keogh or your counsellor.

The link to the application form is here: 2021 Scholarship Application Form  

*A reminder that on a regular basis, you should be checking out our Career Information Advisor, Ms. Carter's website for other scholarships that she has posted.  For example, the Tuesday, March 9th deadline for all the Richmond Community Foundation Scholarships and the Friday, March 12th deadline for the Thompson Community Association Phil Brown Scholarship are fast approaching.