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Flexible Schedule January 25-28, 2016

From Monday, January 25 to Thursday, January 28, Burnett students will participate in a number of activities.  

The provincial exams take place that week, and our grade 10 to 12 students will be taking these exams, preparing through tutorials, as well as meeting with teachers for a variety of learning opportunities.

Our grade 8 and 9 students will be able to meet with teachers throughout the week, especially on Monday and Tuesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, all grade 8 and 9 students will participate in grade wide assemblies in the morning  

Grade 8 students will meet in our Theatre on Wednesday at 8:30am and in our Multi-purpose area on Thursday at 8:30.   

Grade 9 students will meet in our large gym on Wednesday and Thursday at 8:30am.  On Wednesday they will participate in the Science World fieldtrip and on Thursday in a grade wide assembly.

Attendance will be taken ONLY on Wednesday and Thursday for the grade 8 and 9 activities.   

Attached is a schedule outlining our flexible schedule.