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JNB FIRST Robotics - Our Journey 2019

JNB FIRST Robotics - Our Journey 2019

Student reflection by Chris Lam:

Today marks one year since I received an email about First Robotics. Now look at where we have gotten with our ingenuity, passion for technology and teamwork. From winning regionals all the way to competing in Worlds and even receiving a Special Recognition award from the Board of Education, the JNB FRC Team has proved to be something special.

This special team, is a group of people who I am proud to say are family to me. Together, we have walked great distances to achieve something greater than ourselves. Although some of the paths we have walked together may be forgotten, the memories we made walking those paths together will be cherished forever.

Thanks to all the teachers, administration, students, parents, sponsors and the Board of Education for making FRC such a success for both my team and I. It was an amazing first year! Special thanks to Mrs. Walker and Richmond School District No. 38 for helping us throughout our journey!!!

Together, we will RISE.

“We’re fascinated with robots because they are reflections of ourselves”
~Ken Goldberg


Student video reflection of their journey by Sean Uy: