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JNB Theatre Company presents...

On behalf of Ms. McNee:

For anyone looking for fun things to do this weekend, may I offer up a FREE screening of the school play "Check, Please" that will be released on Friday for three days through the site

The kids did an amazing job, it's a hilarious script - and it runs under 30 minutes - so please add it to your day on Friday!

We are excited we were able to even create theatre at this time but it has been disappointing to the students that we couldn't present this to numerous classes LIVE due to our current situation, so this would also be a great way for us to share all of our hard work with the entire school community. Silver lining!

You must create a free account on the webpage but other than that it is easy and free.(I've attached a step by step to log in and watch it online).

Thanks for all of your continued support.