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School Safety Drills this week

Parents of Burnett Secondary School

On December 8th and 9th, our school will be practicing a Fire Drill and a Lockdown Drill. The fire drill requires students and staff to evacuate the building. Students MUST wear their masks when doing so.

These practice drills will occur during class time, rain or shine. Please ensure your child comes to school prepared in case it is a rainy day.


Fire Drill – December 8

When evacuating the school students are rewuired to wear their masks as they leave the building. Physical distancing will be unlikely to be maintained during the evacuation. As students leave the building and move towards the muster point, physical distancing can again be achieved, although masks should still be worn. Physical contact is to be avoided.


Lockdown Drill – December 9

School District #38, Richmond, has developed  lockdown protocols to help keep students safe during any potentially dangerous incident. This year students will again be included in the regularly scheduled lockdown drills occurring at all Richmond schools. As with fire drills and earthquake drills, it is important that students are aware of the proper procedures to follow to ensure their safety and well-being should such an event ever occur.

Burnett Secondary’s staff and students will be practicing the procedures for a school lockdown on December 9th at 11am.


We thank parents for supporting our school in carrying out these important safety drills.