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Burnett Learning Time 2019 - 2020

Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, JN Burnett Secondary School will adopt an altered schedule that provides students with a 50-minute block of flexible instructional time.  The purpose of our Burnett Learning Time (BLT) block is to provide students with: time to meet with teachers for support, guidance or inspiration regarding specific curriculum, or other passions and interests; the opportunity to collaborate with other students, teachers, or other staff; and time to explore, work on, or complete assignments and projects.  It will also provide time and flexibility for our senior students to address the new Career Education competencies and content.  We are excited about the opportunity that this schedule change will bring to our Burnett learning community.  Please find below more information on Burnett Learning Time. 


Burnett Learning Time is now on WEDNESDAYS

To begin our school year, students will follow the following Burnett Learning Time Schedule:

              Sep. 25:  ALL students must report to their Block A class

              Oct. 2:  ALL students must report to their Block B class

              Oct. 30 onwards:  To be determined.  Information to follow.


Burnett Learning Time Bell Schedule

Period 1

8:25 AM       –     9:30 AM

Burnett Learning Time

9:35 AM       –     10:25 AM

Period 2

10:30 AM     –     11:35 AM


11:35 AM     –     11:45 AM

Period 3

11:50 AM     –     12:55 PM


12:55 PM      –     1:40 PM

Period 4

1:45 PM        –     2:50 PM