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Burnett Learning Time for 2019 - 2020

We are happy to report that after student, parent, and staff consultation, Burnett Learning time will return for our 2019 – 2020 school year. 

After feedback from our stake-holders, the implementation schedule has been combined with our Collaboration Days and our Burnett Learning Time block will be reduced from 60 to 50 minutes on the Wednesdays listed below:

Burnett Learning Time Schedule   Collaboration Day Schedule
        Collaboration  8:25 9:35
Block A 8:25 9:30   Warning Bell 9:35  
BLT 9:35 10:25   Block A 9:40 10:40
Block B 10:30 11:35   Block B 10:45 11:45
RECESS 11:35 11:45   RECESS 11:45 11:55
Block C 11:50 12:55   Block C 12:00 13:00
LUNCH 12:55 13:40   LUNCH 13:00 13:45
Block D 13:45 14:50   Block D 13:50 14:50
Dates for Collaboration and Burnett Learning Time
25-Sep BLT     12-Feb Collab  
02-Oct BLT     26-Feb BLT  
09-Oct Collab     04-Mar Collab  
30-Oct BLT     01-Apr BLT  
06-Nov BLT     08-Apr Collab  
13-Nov Collab     15-Apr BLT  
27-Nov BLT     22-Apr BLT  
04-Dec BLT     29-Apr BLT  
11-Dec Collab     06-May BLT  
18-Dec BLT     13-May Collab  
08-Jan BLT     27-May BLT  
15-Jan Collab     03-Jun BLT