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Valedictory - Rehearsal and Ceremony

The Burnett Community invites family and friends of the Class of 2019 to our Valedictory Ceremony! For all grads and their families, please see below for details of the ceremony.

Valedictory Rehearsal Information


The class of 2019 will be rehearsing for our Valedictory ceremony on the afternoon of June 24. In the morning, many students will already be at school writing the English 12 Provincial and when they are finished, they can then head towards the gym area where outside we will have a Grad BBQ ready at 12:00 PM. The BBQ is of no charge to grads. If you have dietary concerns, please contact Mr. Leung and we will try to accommodate. The rehearsal will begin after the Grad BBQ is over. We will be rehearsing in the large gym where we will set up the same seating as you would find in the Chan Centre, where Valedictory will take place. At the rehearsal, we will cover all the protocol involved in the ceremony so you will be well prepared as you cross the stage. At the rehearsal, we will distribute your cap and gown.

Valedictory Ceremony Information

J.N. Burnett Secondary's Valedictory Ceremony will take place at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts on June 27 at 7:00 PM. Students may arrive early at the venue as past family and friends have taken advantage of the Rose Garden that is adjacent to the Chan Centre to take pictures. Students will be marshalled in to the Chan Centre prior to 7:00 PM in order to get ready for the ceremony. If you plan on attending the ceremony, you must have a ticket to enter the venue. Tickets are available in the Main Office for $10 each. The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours so please plan accordingly. Parking at the venue is found at the Rose Garden parkade. At the ceremony, students should have their hands as free as possible so please hold on to their bag, purses, accessories, etc. to allow them to walk across the stage unencumbered.