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Burnett Learning Time Updates

Burnett Learning Time Updates

In February and March 2019, we implemented a 4-week pilot project on Burnett Learning Time.  Feedback from students, staff, and parents was very positive.   I am pleased to inform parents and students that we will continue to pilot Burnett Learning Time.  It is our hope that it will continue to be valuable time for students to learn in various ways, seek extra help, provide for enrichment opportunities and optional class extensions.  Burnett Learning Time will provide students the opportunity to organize and manage their time between their work and interests with the support of our teachers and educational assistants.

During the next 8-week pilot, we will be able to transition to a more flexible delivery model that will allow students to work with various teachers and subjects during this time.  All students will be expected to participate in Burnett Learning Time and attendance will be taken by classroom teachers.  Students will be responsible for planning ahead and bringing the necessary learning materials with them to class in order to maximize the use of the 60 minutes of instructional time.

The bell schedule for BLT remains unchanged.  Through student, parent and staff feedback, we have opted to change the day of the week that BLT is offered. 

Burnett Learning Time is now on THURSDAYS.  Our next BLT day will be Thursday, April 18th, 2019.

The attached handout outlines the schedule for Burnett Learning Time until June 6th, 2019.