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Want to be a Burnett Buddy?

At J.N. Burnett Secondary, we are proud to be in the 5th year of our Burnett Buddies program, to help the incoming grade 8 students have a more successful transition from elementary to high school.  

The buddies will play an important role in the welcoming, transitioning and adjustment of new grade 8 students to Burnett.  Our buddies will be responsible and committed grade 11 and 12 students, who will each work with 4 or 5 grade 8 students.

To be a buddy, students must apply with an application form.  These application forms were given out to students today during the Program Planning Sessions.  Part of the application form is to get endorsed by a teacher and ask the teacher to complete a very short teacher reference.  Please find the form attached below and fill one out if you want to be a Burnett Buddy!