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Transfer Application Update

Below is a letter from the school district with an important update on transfer applications. 

Feb. 9, 2018

Dear Parents/Legal Guardians,

Thank you for submitting a transfer application requesting for your child(ren) to be able to attend a non-catchment Richmond school.  In order to approve/not approve transfers there are a number of items for the district to consider. 

These include:

  1. The need to meet the significant school organization requirements resulting from the collective agreement provisions re-instated last year.
  2. The need to meet District Policy for school registration and transfers.
  3. The need to meet requirements for a minimum ten-year plan for earthquake seismic upgrades to various schools in the district.
  4. The need to determine the number of registered students for 2018 and the amount of space needed to accommodate new registrations throughout the spring, summer and fall.
  5. The need to meet physical, program and staffing space in schools.
  6. The reason stated by the parent/legal guardian for the transfer request.

The district will be addressing transfers on a school by school basis and it may take an extended period of time to collect the required information about the status of populations in schools.  Some schools will not be able to take any or very limited numbers of transfers.  Others, will have more opportunity for transfers but they will still need to meet the criteria of needs/status for that school and the district needs.

Your patience in waiting for a transfer response is appreciated and we ask that you do not contact the schools, but rather wait for them to contact you.


Respectfully yours,

AM Gillrie-Carre

SD #38 District Administrator: Leadership, Central Registration,

Scholarships, Athletics and Student Records.