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Have a Safe Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching, and we can feel the excitement building in our students! On Tuesday, students are welcome

to wear their costumes to school, but costume weapons must be left at home.   We want everyone to enjoy this special time of year, but most importantly, we want them to be safe!

The Richmond Fire Department and RCMP remind us of safety tips each year:

  • wear lightly coloured costumes or affix reflective tape that can be seen by motorists
  • be sure you can see through your mask or only wear make-up.
  • wear flame retardant costumes
  • be sure costumes are short enough to prevent tripping
  • travel while there is still daylight and carry a flashlight
  • travel in groups, preferably with a parent or guardian
  • walk on sidewalks or along the curb, never on the street
  • don’t carry sharp or pointed objects
  • don’t eat treats until your parents have checked them.

For more safety information, visit the Richmond Fire Department and RCMP websites.

Remember that there are Fireworks Bylaws in Richmond and it is illegal to possess, sell or ignite fireworks in Richmond without a permit. This also includes firecrackers.

Enjoy a safe and wonderful Halloween!