Core Competencies

The Core Competencies overarch all aspects of the renewed curriculum: the Big Ideas, Curricular Competencies, and Content. They are embedded in much of the learning that students do. As this is the first year that teachers and students have begun to explore this deep structure, we are working hard to ensure that students are mindful of their growth in the Core Competencies through self-reflection and by providing evidence of growth. The emphasis on self-reflection promotes personalization, inclusion, and diversity as it becomes a natural part of the learning process. Just as teachers can support students in self-assessment of the Core Competencies by consistently noticing, naming, and nurturing them and their connection to the Curricular Competencies, so too can parents. This triangle of support between student, teacher, and home is integral to supporting learners in taking ownership of their personal learning as educated citizens.

Please see the attached document for conversation starters.