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Learning and the Brain - April 1, 2017

On Saturday, April 1st, 2017 join us for a free morning conference where we invite you to come celebrate Richmond’s diversity by uncovering what inclusion means in our schools with our Keynote speaker: Shelley Moore.  Shelley is a PhD student, a Richmond teacher and a consultant working with schools to support the learning and success for all students. Her work explores the benefits of learning in diverse contexts and embraces the strengths that every student can bring to their classroom community.  Shelley is also the author of the recently published book, One Without the Other: Stories of unity through diversity and inclusion.  

After Shelley's keynote, you are invited to attend one of our informative break-out sessions where educators and community leaders will help you better understand the children and youth in our lives and how we can best support them.  


For more information and registration,            

1) Go to the Registration Website

2) Drop registration off at the Richmond School Board 7811 Granville Avenue, 3rd floor

3) Drop registration off at your Catchment Elementary School - Office

Registration Timeline:  February 9, 2017 - noon on March 31, 2017

Please find the attached .pdf file