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Let's Talk SD38 - Join the Conversation!

B.C.'s curriculum has been redesigned by a team of B.C. educators based on research, extensive consultation and classroom successes from around the world. Teachers in Richmond are implementing the new curriculum in Kindergarten to Grade 9 this year and are curently in the process of transitioning our Grades 10-12 classes. The district has established a separate website ("Let's Talk SD38) to share information and provide our community with opportunities for feedback.  They want feedback now on what information parents want on how their child is doing at school (e.g. report cards and other communication).  

As a registered member of the Let's Talk SD38 website, you will have access to important news updates and documents that will allow you to learn more about topics and projects that affect the school district. You will also be able to voice your opinion on these matters by asking questions, completing surveys and inviting friends to join the conversation. Registered members will also be notified by email about new information and projects when they are posted to this site.

Please visit, is external) and register to get involved and Join the Conversation!