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Booking Parent-Teacher Conferences

Booking Parent-Teacher Interview Instructions

Parent-teacher conferences are booked online by parents.  The booking website is:

When accessing this website for the first time, parents need to register for an account, and add the name of their child.  Once registered, parents can access their account to edit their appointments.

Below is an overview of the process.  Detailed instructions are attached.

1)    Registering for an Account

  • Parents click on the “Register” tab and fill in the registration form to create an account. All fields are required on the parent registration form to create an account.
  • Once parents have successfully registered, they can login to the system and register their students.

2)    Parent Login

  • After logging into the system parents will be required to add the students to the system prior to scheduling appointments.
  • By clicking on the “Add a Student” button parents will be able to add all their students.
  • As each student is added to the system, the students are listed for parents to edit or delete them, or to schedule appointments.  Note the schedule “Short Title” on the button.

3)    Parent Appointment Scheduling

  • Parents can schedule appointments for any student that they have added to the system by clicking on the blue “appointment calendar” icon beside the student’s name. The parent is then taken to a page where they can select the teachers with whom they wish to meet.
  • Multiple teachers can be selected by holding the “Ctrl” key on a PC keyboard or the “Command” key on a Macintosh keyboard.  Select “View Calendars” at the bottom.
  • Parents can select appointment times by simply clicking the check boxes or by clicking in the time block beside the check box.  Once an appointment time has been selected it will change to green. Teacher Appointment Calendars with Appointments Selected
  • It is not possible for parents to select more than one appointment at the same time.
  • Once all appointments are checked, click “Book Appointments” at the bottom.
  • Once the appointments are booked the screen will display the list of appointments for the student.
  • If a parent has more than one student at your school the teacher appointment calendars will have an additional feature displayed when the second (or third, etc.) student bookings are made.
  • A parent can view all their appointments for a schedule by selecting the schedule from the “PROFILE” menu tab. This will list all their appointments in chronological order and will allow the parent to delete any of the appointments. 
  • At the bottom of the list of appointments is a button that, when clicked, will generate a PDF document of all the appointments listed.